Introduction to My Blog & a warm Welcome to My Mind

Hi, and thanks for popping by. I’ll do my best to make your visit interesting and worthwhile. My WordPress site is the place where I tell pieces of my life story, air my poetry and voice my feelings about social injustice, government wrongdoing and malfeasance wherever I happen to find it. I’ve led a somewhat unconventional life and have endured some harrowing experiences. This is the place where I write about it and where, hopefully, I can continue to heal through the cathartic process of writing it all down.

Please don’t misunderstand my motive. I am in no way seeking sympathy for anything that has befallen me. I am, in the main, the architect of my own disasters. Many of which are shameful and riven with guilt. But a young fellow traveler gave me these very wise words . . . “Shame Dies On Exposure” and that is what I’m attempting here.

My stories are not unique but they are mine to tell. In looking for the similarities with others’ stories I can hopefully inspire just one other person to embark on a similar journey. If so, my work here will have been totally worthwhile. Please contribute what you see fit to share in the comments section. Do so anonymously if you choose but please look for the areas where our experiences overlap. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. I wish you well in your quest. Peter

March 24th 2017 © Peter Mark Wells-Garnett


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