Transformation: – the Making of A Little Christian

You can’t sew

A sow’s ear

Into a silken purse

Is what we were taught

In Church school classes

Like putting a

Round peg into a

Square hole

Or was it

A square peg?

Was it a sick

Attempt to inure

Children with the

Brutality of

Being different?

Under the guise

Of teaching metaphor

We were brainwashed

With the idea

That different was bad.

Dare to be different

At your peril!

Even if it’s Heaven-sent

They’ll say it was the devil

Who twisted you bent!

Now bend and meet the cane

And no chocolate for Lent.

Bad, bad Boy.


Peter Mark Garnett © 22 April 2017


4 thoughts on “Transformation: – the Making of A Little Christian

  1. Peter, I love this poem but be cautious, try to avoid cliche when possible or if you must employ it, approach from an odd angle to convey the meaning with specific relation to your experience. Use metaphor and analogy, better than simile or cliche. Pardon me for the intrusion but I wrote this in relation to our earlier exchange of views. Your friend, Mario, did you a favour and remember, no poem’s ever really finished for a poet. A new phrase might occur to you, a different point of view, you’ll move a comma, insert a question mark and so it goes on.

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    1. Thanks, Dermott, for the honest appraisal. Ironically, I used cliche as a deliberate slight on the church and its schools that I attended. I was hoping that one of my past teachers would see it. Sort of a metaphorical slap in the face . . . “see, you taught me badly” . . . But you’re quite correct. Perhaps I’ll revisit it and rewrite it in a different vein.

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      1. cliches often become cliches simply because they declare a palpable and obvious truth. The trick is to find a different way to say it that conveys your disdain for those people you’re writing about.

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