I Just Wanted You to Know

This poem I penned in 1999 for my one & only love. Her name is Coleen and she has stayed true to me in the face of adversity for four decades. She is my Miracle, my Lover & Confidante. My partner for Life, for ever.


We met at a party one cold Cape night

Whose? No-one knows . . . or cares

Anymore than they can recall whether they were there.

But I remember when; the year of 1969

And I remember where; a house on a steep street in Rosebank.

And, most of all, I remember You! . . . your phone number too!

Oh! What courage it took . . .

What pluck!

To dial that telephone number,

Over your shoulder so carelessly thrown

As you climbed into that VW wagon

Oh! How hopefully and gratefully I snatched it

From the chilly midnight air

Greedily, lest some lesser mortal find it

Frozen in Eternity . . .

I wanted you then, as I yet want you now.

As that old grey Volksie sputtered down the hill

All I saw was your eyes . . . the way they cuddled my soul

When you said “Hello” and very little more.

And now, so many years – nigh 29 – and tears later

After so many partings and rejoinings

I love you more than ever I did.

But, more amazing, after all my betrayals of your trust

In all the diabolical ways that I and my Alter have behaved

You still find it in your heart to love, comfort and, even cherish, me.

Neither truer nor purer Love can there ever be

This I believe; NAY! I Know it for sure!

My precious woman, I just wanted you to know.

Peter Mark Garnett © 04 February 1999



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