After the Sunshine Came the Rain

This is a poem that I wrote in 1994 lamenting the state of my life with my beloved. I’m publishing it now as I’ve a new poem that I’m working on as the counterpoint to this state of sadness and sorrow. The image is of a painting by Carla Saunders © 2017

 out-of-agony-comes-beauty-by-carla-saunders II

Here we go again . . .

Just like the last time

Floating free among

The flotsam and slime

That is the wreck

Of what we once had

Nothing, not a fleck

Survived . . . too bad.

Where did we go to?

What happened to us?

I was your Petals and

You were my Splinge

Where did it go wrong?

Did we miss the bus?

I became an overnight cad

Unthinkingly treating you bad

And here I go again . . .

So bad, mad, bad

I don’t mean it

It just happens.

I try hard to curb it

But it just beats me.

I’m even ashamed to die

It’s got me so afraid.


Peter Garnett © 1994


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